Editorial Team

Jon Anderson – Editor – [email protected]

Jon Anderson grew up in a small town in Nebraska and is a graduate of University of Nebraska Lincoln, but now enjoys living in a warmer climate in the Orlando, Florida area. He loves taking his four young boys to amusement parks in the area when he can, but more often you can find them fishing on the weekends. His favorite topic to write about is sports, and his favorite sport to follow is football.

Sam Norman – Sub-Editor – [email protected]

Sam Norman is working to complete her master’s degree in journalism and mass communication from University of Nebraska Lincoln, and is happy to be working with a program alumnus and contributing to the work of Press Oracle. Her future career goal is to work as a correspondent in Southeast Asia. She is interested in that area not only because of its politics and its growing economy, but because she has some family in that part of the world.


Amanda Harley – [email protected]

Amanda Harley is a freelance writer specializing in science and hi-tech. She enjoys keeping abreast of the latest findings and the latest trends. She attended the University of Florida and has worked in journalism for seven years. Lately, she’s been spending her free time either reading or exploring her city on a rented electric scooter.

Trina Covell – [email protected]

Trina lives in Florida and has worked in journalism for over thirty years. Her first job in journalism was a volunteer editor for her small town’s weekly newspaper, and her career grew from there. She now enjoys working part time so she can spend more time with her six grandchildren who live in the area.

Matthew Tipps – [email protected]

Matthew is a nurse anesthetist as well as a writer specializing in the medical area. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa. He lives in Iowa and participates in the annual RAGBRAI bicycle ride across the state almost every summer.

Cheyenne Larson – [email protected]

Cheyenne graduated from Arizona State University and has worked as a journalist for over ten years, covering topics such as leadership, investment, and finance. She is a proud mom of four and spends much time on the bleachers during the basketball and volleyball of her children.

Bryan LeMar – [email protected]

Bryan began his career as a day trader and now writes about finance. He and his family live in Maine, where they enjoy a relaxed lifestyle compared to their previous routine in New York City.

David Hasegawa – [email protected]

David lives in the San Francisco area, near his children and grandchildren. In his life, he has lived in six different countries, but he always says that the United States is his favorite. He loves to write, especially about world news and politics.

Simon Gomez – [email protected]

Simon grew up on a farm and still loves to spend time in the country. Since receiving his master’s in journalism, he has been writing about business, finance and current events. He currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago.

Terry King – [email protected]

Terry writes from his home office in Nebraska, where he is usually accompanied by his German Shepherd, Radar. Terry has been writing his entire life, and while he has made a career of business and finance reporting, he still enjoys writing short stories and poetry.

Michelle Swanson – [email protected]

Michelle began her career as an international correspondent but has now settled in Indiana where she lives with her husband and two children. She and her family enjoy getting out on the lake each weekend to relax.

Floyd Graber – [email protected]

After selling the small business he ran successfully for over 30 years, Floyd began writing as a way to stay busy and keep up with current events. While he often writes about large, publicly-traded companies, small business will always be his passion.

Joe Tyrrell – [email protected]

Joe graduated from Colorado State University and has been working as a business journalist for over fifteen years. He lives in Wellington, Colorado and spends his weekends hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains.

Jay Halladay – [email protected]

Jay lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He writes about trade matters and other international business news. As a widower and a single father to a child with autism, he is active in autism awareness and support groups.

Steve Fairfield – [email protected]

Steve has worked as an auditor for many years but is currently working as a business journalist so that he can work remotely and travel with his wife while she works as a travel nurse for several years. Of all the places they have lived so far during this stage of their life, Alaska is his favorite.

Denise Randall – [email protected]

Denise grew up near Bend, Oregon and now lives in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from the University of Oregon and has worked in journalism for almost ten years. Her hobbies include kayaking and extreme stand-up paddleboarding.

Bob Marten – [email protected]

Bob has worked in business and finance for many years and now contributes to the field as a writer. His favorite topic to write about is cryptocurrency, as he is a big fan of blockchain technology.

Alice Vandehei – [email protected]

Alice lives and works in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and has been doing technical writing and business reporting for nearly twenty years. On the weekends, you will find her quilting in her newly remodeled attic sewing studio.

Carol Hyndes – [email protected]

Carol is a journalist who lives in the south suburbs of Chicago. After decades commuting to downtown Chicago for work, she now works remotely as a business and finance journalist. Now she spends her early mornings taking her golden retriever for walks around the neighborhood.

Advertising Team

Vinay Symond – Head of Advertising – [email protected]
Clive Lamark – Graphics designer – [email protected]
Pete Kingsley – Liaison officer – [email protected]