Shared electric scooters surge

Electric scooters have been overtaking bicycles that are station-based as the form of transport outside transit and automobiles.

Riders took 38.5 million excursions on shared electrical scooters at 2018. That eclipsed the 36.5 million trips riders took on shared, docked bicycles, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Association of City Transportation Officials.

Scooter companies are facing challenges from each direction including theft, vandalism, rider accidents, intense competition and aggressive regulations in towns across the U.S.

Yet the scooter industry continues, and ride-hailing companies venture capitalists and automobile manufacturers continue to pour millions to the companies.

Organizations are jockeying for position in the micromobility revolution, in which customers are embracing providers, scooters, shared cars and bicycles which may be hailed and paid for by mobiles.