KXIP vs KKR Live Score

"Our Xbox One S will sell the most because most people are not into how many [teraflops] does this have versus someone else". "And I wanted to make sure that the best that Xbox offers would be the best thing that anybody is offering right now". The company explained that Xbox One X would eventually be able to run its Mixed Reality headsets, made by manufacturers such as Acer and HP.

As resolutions improve, it's no surprise game sizes will have to balloon to accommodate the increasingly detailed textures, but it appears Microsoft and Sony didn't future proof their console hard drives with that in mind.

Phil Spencer did tease that we will hear soon about the support from 343 Industries for Xbox One X, so it is just a matter of time when this is announced. The console is powered by a six-teraflop Polaris GPU, making it 1.4 times more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

While Microsoft is offering gamers a premium experience, it isn't really charging them a premium to get it, even in spite of the Xbox One X's relatively high price.

As far as the specs go, the Xbox One X is a modern console with components that are designed for today's mid-range gaming PCs.

At Microsoft's big E3 conference on Monday, most of the game trailers were preceded by a booming voice uttering the word "EXCLUSIVE".

Spencer also does not think that the Xbox One X should be compared to the PS4 Pro since he believes that they are not on the same level. They will look better, play better, but according to the corporate vice president of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, they won't be receiving anything extra in the way of Achievements. The device has tiny black and white buttons above the Y, X, B and A. The Duke will work with Xbox One and on all PCs running Windows 10. Nonetheless, Sony's Jim Ryan stated that the power advantage of the Xbox One X over the Playstation 4 Pro won't be that evident when it rolls out this winter. Sony tried pushing the PlayStation 3 at a $500 to $600 price point, and suffered disaster for its hubris.

"The thing that we should all realize is that that customer buys a lot of games", Spencer said. Yesterday, I know people want to see what we're investing in new. The Xbox One currently does not, since all Xbox One games now also come out on PC.