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Overall, it's highly unlikely that these two rivals would even consider hammering out a draft day deal.

Chad Ford of ESPN reported that the Celtics are considering drafting Josh Jackson with the top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

After sifting through the usual "duh" type of reports, smokescreens, and leaks during the pre-draft process, some of the industries most well-connected National Basketball Association insiders, reported that the Sixers were in serious talks with the Celtics to land the number 1 pick in the draft, and of course a chance to draft Fultz. Including this year, the Celtics could potentially have up to 23 draft picks through 2022.

In addition to the extra draft capital a trade would land, swapping the first pick for the third pick would allow the Celtics to clear maximum cap space without surrendering any pieces on their current roster.

Talks are reportedly far enough along that Fultz could meet with the 76ers in Philadelphia on Saturday, according to the report. The article goes on to say that the news from ESPN's Jeff Goodman, reporting that Markelle Fultz did not shoot particularly well for the Celtics in his recent workout, has prompted the Washington Huskies point guard to agree to a Lakers workout. The other fact which must be taken into consideration is that Ben Simmons, last year's Sixer pick, suffered an injury. He's made no secret he'd like to stay home and play for the Lakers, but they might not be able to resist Fultz if he's there.

The Celtics, meanwhile, would be giving up a chance at Fultz, who has the potential to become one of the most talented guards in the league as he matures.

This might be the best case scenario for Boston as while Markelle Fultz is the best player in the draft, they are not in need of another point guard.

Rozman said a prospect gets to meet the coaching staff and medical team, among other benefits, if he travels to a team's facility.

One Celtics official told Ford that canceling the workout won't have any impact on the team's considerations with the pick.

The Boston Celtics could be looking to trade their No. 1 overall pick in order to acquire more draft picks.

For the Lakers, it has become pretty clear that they want Fultz after seeing him workout. Until recently, it was a foregone conclusion that the Lakers would select Ball with the No. 2 overall pick. (He) may be "the best one" (draft prospect) they've seen.