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You needed a wheelbarrow to lug one of those suckers around. That number will vary depending on how you use the Pro.

The new iPad Pro 10.5, with its beautifully enlarged display in a smaller form factor, is out now. It also wasn't a good idea to buy a new iPad Pro. This allows for a screen that feels more immersive.

Whether or not you'll notice the difference between the 555 and the 560, I can't see any reason you wouldn't want the faster 560 with more video memory for no extra money.

The biggest change, however, is what Apple calls "ProMotion". Previous iPads and most mobile devices have a 60Hz refresh rate. It has been tipped to be the best one of the lot so far.

But how does that apply to an iPad. There is also a new Files app so you have easy access to all of your files, even if they're in a cloud service such as Dropbox. So whether it's scrolling through a web-page or playing a game, this iPad is just that little bit better on the eye. I'm working on the full review now, but I wanted to highlight five immediate takeaways, in case you're in the market for a new iPad and are tempted to run out to the Apple Store right now and buy one. On GFXBench suite, this translates to 208fps on the T-Rex offscreen test, again a modest improvement over the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (170fps), but a big jump over the iPad (82fps) and mini 4 (48fps). Of course, the Pencil is still a remarkable tool for the iPad Pro and in the new iOS you'll be able to literally draw on nearly anything you're looking at.

But come on - don't be using an iPad for taking photos.

2015 iPad Pro 12.9-inch (iPad6,8), 2.26GHz A9X processor, 128GB flash storage, 4GB memory. If you're happy with your current iPad, the boost to specs alone is probably not going to be enough to convince you to upgrade.

On the AnTuTu benchmark, which measures overall system performance, the new iPad Pro scores 205,223, the highest score we've ever seen on any device, not just tablets.

The iPad Pro is a more frequent companion when I'm working in town at client offices or in cafes.

On the other hand, the processor of iPad Pro has also got a speed lift and its running tech monster's fresh A10X processor.

27-inch iMac Radeon Pro 575 versus 580 - However, when I worked through the 27-inch iMac configurations, I found the same issue as with the 21.5-inch models. But with ProMotion, I'm really hopeful that it'll make its way into this year's new iPhones. In our testing, that colour management seemed to work flawlessly, with the 10.5in iPad Pro's display covering an impressive 95.8% coverage of the sRGB gamut. However, analysts think that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) might need to slow down on its branding of the iPad Pro as a PC replacement.