But as we pointed out prior to release, the classic, heartwarming appeal of Wonder Woman the character in a faithful adaptation shouldn't be discounted.

At the time fans obviously didn't understand the memento's significance to Wonder Woman, but the filmmakers clearly knew from day one.

According to Oprah, it involves inviting 28 ten year olds over (she doesn't explicitly say this, but, presumably, this is in response to the film's themes of female empowerment and the fact that Wonder Woman is having a big effect in kindergartens).

Gal isn't the only star of the movie, behind the lens is another Wonder Woman - director Patty Jenkins. The movie starts with young Amazonian princess Diana running around in her island paradise, practicing her fight moves and yearning to be trained as a warrior. Lynda Carter also addressed the charges that Wonder Woman lacks diversity, because she is a white woman.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad landed their gritty, dark vibe like a damp squib; though they enjoyed gargantuan opening weekends, both films saw steep box office declines after unenthusiastic reactions from critics and moviegoers alike.

Actress Gal Godot, who played the iconic Wonder Woman in the movie, got wind of the party once it went viral Wednesday, and re-grammed one of Winfrey's party posts saying simply, "This is awesome".

A source at Warner Brothers, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Heat Street: "It's great that Hillary Clinton will see the movie but her remarks aren't particularly helpful and our publicity team certainly won't be spreading them about".

Coming off a "Wonder Woman" high and don't want to lose that rush of girl power and badassery? Even after finally getting her own movie, Wonder Woman still has to prove herself to another man.

"Just last night she said out of the blue, 'I thought girls were always weak, but actually we're strong plus lots of other things, even trouble-makers in a good way, '" said Jessica. When a downed pilot (Chris Pine) brings news of apocalyptic violence from the outside world, Diana, convinced of supernatural interference, vows to accompany him back to Europe, in the grip of a bloody "war to end all wars", and destroy the evil once and for all... They were so great when they were shooting together on set, we had music on set and it was a attractive night, even though it was really cold.