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In Virginia, polls are open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. Here are all the acceptable forms of photo ID that can be used. If you have one but forget it, you can cast a provisional ballot but will have to complete follow-up steps to be sure it's counted.

Third, want to know what will be on your ballot? He's courted reliable Democratic voters, saying he is the more pragmatic choice who can win in the general election. Virginia doesn't allow same-day registration.

Polls suggest the contest is too close to call, in which case how each candidate fares in getting his supporters to vote will decide it.

The gubernatorial contest features a bid by a self-identified "proud progressive", former Rep. Tom Perriello, to continue last year's anti-establishment successes by upending Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, anointed by the entire state Democratic establishment. By cutting 10 percent off income taxes for all Virginians over a three year period, Gillespie says that a family of four would be saving roughly $1,285, that is if statistics accurately depict the average family's income of $135,000 per year.

Establishment Democrats firmly believe that Northam would be a far stronger candidate in November against any of the GOP candidates.

"I think when you spend time outside of those circles what you hear is the tectonics themselves are shifting in very scary ways", said Perriello.

The GOP primary is thought by most observers to be a less competitive affair, with former RNC chairman Ed Gillespie - who became a national GOP rock star in 2014 by very almost upsetting Senator Mark Warner - dominating fundraising and endorsements against fiery Trumpite county supervisor chairman Corey Stewart and Hampton Roads legislator Frank Wagner. Former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie has a major lead in fundraising and has led in public polls over state Sen. He's accused Gillespie of trying to mislead voters with unrealistic promises to cut taxes as governor, while calling for a gas tax increase himself to pay for transportation projects. Democrat Hillary Clinton carried 51 out of the 100 seats in last year's presidential election won by Republican Donald Trump.

The state of Virginia chose its Republican and Democratic candidates Tuesday to replace outgoing Gov.

In our area, the only offices you'll be casting a primary ballot for are governor and lieutenant governor.

GOP candidates for lieutenant governor are Jill Holzmann Vogel of Fauquier and Bryce E. Reeves of Spotsylvania, both state senators, and Del.

Image Ralph Northam

Glenn Davis - Currently serving as a representative in the House of Delegates.

"If you're looking for somebody who is not afraid of controversy, and if you're looking for a victor, then I am your candidate", Stewart said at a recent debate. Mr Northam proudly notes his roles in arranging a smoking ban in restaurants and in having "educated people on both sides of the aisle on the transvaginal ultrasound bill".

The Democratic contenders for lieutenant governor are former federal prosecutors Justin Fairfax and Gene Rossi, and political consultant Susan Pratt. They also get to pick between Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Joseph D. Platania or attorney Jeffrey E. Fogel in the Democratic primary for Charlottesville's commonwealth's attorney.

The deadline to vote in the state primary has passed.

Because of recent losses, Democrats have few big-state governors likely to be in the field.

Twenty primaries are in Democratic districts, with incumbents being challenged in four. Democrats can only hope to ward off an outcome that they hate. He's facing Ross Mittiga, a teacher and researcher at the University of Virginia.

You can find a full listing of all the candidates in the Primaries here.

Republicans have seven primaries. But next week's Virginia primary will provide an insight into the future of their party and two of its key figures.

Wagner, a 25-year GOP lawmaker, wrapped up his low-key, policy-driven campaign with stops in southwest Virginia and a continued focus on transportation and technical education issues.

All voters need to show an acceptable form of photo identification, such as a valid Virginia driver's license or state-issued ID, a photo ID issued by the USA government like a passport, tribal enrollment or other tribal ID issued by one of the 11 tribes recognized by Virginia, an employer-issued photo ID, or a student photo ID from an educational institution in Virginia.