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Anyone not a designer or photographer, graphic artist or illustrator, would not be so keen on such a big device. While always innovating in interesting ways, its core products for us - the Mac, in desktop and laptop forms - lacked the performance or usefulness of PC rivals. That doesn't mean, however, that Apple has nothing new up its sleeves.

What the Microsoft Surface offers is a tablet with power as well as portable, usable keyboard with support for an active digitiser pen.

Regardless of what you think of Apple as a company, it is hard to argue one point. One can dream, no? No matter what your thoughts are on tablet photography, the iPhone 7's cameras are excellent so the iPad Pro 10.5 will no doubt deliver in this department.

Indeed, per MacRumors, the entry-level 15-inch MacBook Pro achieves a single-core score of 4255 in the Geekbench 4 test and a multi-core score of 13,727. The speakers are still situated on the bottom, either side of the lightning charging port, and the three smart connector dots for snapping a magnetic keyboard case are still on the right-hand side. Rest assured that your photos, movies and special moments are effortlessly shared on your favorite social platform or backed up to the cloud, no matter how many megabytes or megapixels you need to push over the Verizon network.

Not being able to install PC programs is not as much a hindrance as before.

These new improvements are intuitive iOS interpretations of the actions we know from desktop computers, adding productivity power to the iPad, without impacting the famously simple-to-use device.

Both can be acquired with a two-year agreement from this carrier. Just previous year, Apple caught grief for talking about differential privacy and the ability to do machine learning on an iPhone because the general thinking then was that you could only do that kind of work by collecting massive amounts of data and performing that work in large data centers. A new keyboard for the Retina MacBook is good news for sure, but it's still not going to make people hungering after their mechanical keyboards happy, per se.

Apple has done this by thinning out the bezels around the screen, meaning that you simply get more screen in proportion to the overall device size.

The screen is crisper and colors are brighter. You can drag images, you can drag text, you can drag URLs. As iOS 11 will only be launched properly in the Fall, the bugs should have been ironed out by then.

The next operating system for your MacBook and iMac is all about under-the-hood improvements. The breakthrough performance of the iPad Pro 2 is courtesy of the latest 64-bit A10X Fusion chip.

The high-end is unlikely to be tempted to move to Apple - they're more interested in replacing powerful desktops with thin clients and datacentres - and the mid-range is also a tricky sell. Not only will Safari start hiding annoying ads that follow you around the web through its new Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature, the browser will also find and silence annoying autoplay videos on websites.

All the new Macs are up for sale in the U.S. and numerous prospective buyers would like to know if the new MacBook are any better than the previous models.