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Due to his excellent work he was honored with doctor of laws degree.

In his speech, Zuckerberg shared a few key pieces of wisdom from the real world that the grads will soon be entering and even shared a little dating advice for the class of 2017.

Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates spoke to graduates in 2007, shortly after saying that he would step away from his day-to-day role with the world's largest software company to focus his time on philanthropy.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg made a 24-minutes long Facebook Live video from his Harvard dorm room when he went back there. But in the end, Zuckerberg does get a whole lot of likes with a picture of him getting his honorary Harvard degree.

Mark Zuckerberg finally fulfilled the promise he had given to his mother and graduated from Harvard, twelve years after he stopped studying to establish Facebook.

Harvard classmates Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg married in May 2012. "It wasn't. But without Facemash I wouldn't have met Priscilla, and she's the most important person in my life." . "Anyone working on a big vision is going to get called insane, even if you end up right", Zuckerberg said.

"This is literally where I sat", he says, pointing to a small wooden desk and chair inside Kirkland House, which is due to be renovated over the summer.

"Now it's time for our generation to define a new social contract", Zuckerberg said. 'This is where it happened'.

It was the first time the tech wunderkind had been back at the nostalgic location since he left college around 14 years ago. "And I promise you, if you just take an hour or two a week - that's all it takes to give someone a hand and help them reach their potential".

The stunt sparked a huge backlash of complaints from students about the premise and that their photos were taken without permission.

Although he could not give any specific solutions to the graduates of Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg encouraged them to think about the question of risk taking. He and his wife shared some stories like about when he created the FaceSmash website, which almost got him expelled.

On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched "Thefacebook" from the laptop on his dorm room desk. A boy who dropped out of the Harvard University (where many literally dream to study) to pursue his idea of connecting the world; recently got his honorary degree from the institute after so many years; after actually connecting the globe.