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The stage was set for Tuesday's confrontation after prosecutors used the first day and a half of the trial to argue that Cosby made a habit of knocking women out with pills and then molesting them.

Pulliam said during Monday's court lunch break that "ultimately it's about standing by your truth".

Constand testified that, in 2004, Cosby invited her to his suburban Philadelphia home under the guise of offering her career guidance. Here's a guide to the people involved in the case.

When asked by the assistant district attorney why she didn't resist or say something, Constand said, "I wasn't able to".

The detective, David Mason from Constand's native Ontario, said she told him that she had gone out to dinner with Cosby and a few friends in the Philadelphia area the night of the incident, a narrative that supports the defense's claim that Cosby and Constand had been friendly or romantic before they ended up at his home. Dozens of women soon came forward to say he had drugged and assaulted them. "Yet, she told police initially that she had not tried to contact him".

She continued that she felt "humiliated" and "confused" after the alleged incident. "I swallowed the pills down". "And she had gotten semi-unconscious because of whatever she had taken, and that he had exposed himself to her and taken some of her clothing off". One accuser said that "an element of fear" kept her from coming forward about what happened for many years, and others expressed similar concerns. "Last time I was in a room with him was the time he raped me".

Prosecutors brought in Miller and Johnson's mother to help bolster her testimony.

Mr Cosby, 79, denies the charge while his lawyers say she agreed to sex. "I also felt his hand inside my vagina moving in and out".

Prosecutors hope Ms Johnson's testimony will signal to jurors that Cosby had done it before, but his defence has attacked her credibility given discrepancies in her accounts of the encounter.

Constand described herself in harrowing terms, saying she felt "frozen". "I mean, "no" means "no" and I get that".

Knight Pulliam has not yet said publicly whether she believes Cosby is guilty of drugging and molesting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand in 2004.

"I want to be the person that I would like to have if the tables were turned, " said Knight Pulliam, 38. But it foreshadowed how attorneys for Cosby may savage Constand for telling different versions of her story over the years.

Recalling her daughter's personality after the incident, Sewell testified: "She changed considerably".

Kelly Johnson, of Atlanta, worked for one of Cosby's agents at the William Morris Agency. Cosby then engaged in sexual activity with her when she could not consent or resist, she testified through tears. "She was almost hysterical", Sewell said, according to CNN. "It kind of reminded us of our own family".

Bill Cosby's trial for his alleged sexual assault of Andrea Constand began its second day of deliberations on Tuesday.

In the 2016 deposition, Cosby declined to answer questions, invoking spousal privilege, when asked whether Bill had been faithful to her.

Feden told jurors that celebrities like Cosby are seen as "larger than life". She added that she had lotion on her hand, and Cosby made her touch his penis. "He didn't want that to happen to her".

Cross-examination of one witness, however, raised doubts about whether Johnson had made conflicting statements about the year she claims the assault occurred - 1990 or 1996. And she blamed Cosby.

When she came to, Johnson testified through sobs, she was on his bed with her dress undone and he was next to her.

"Why Camille is not here is something only Camille can comment on and she has chosen not to do so", Allred said. "It was just me and my word against his".

Sewell, a poised and confident presence, spoke in a measured tone, often turning to address the jury directly - a contrast with her daughter, who appeared vulnerable and fragile during hours of questioning on Monday.