"We were hoping there would maybe be a last minute change of heart".

Michael Bloomberg is pledging to fill a funding gap created by President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, offering up to $15 million to support the United Nations agency that helps countries implement the agreement.

Though Trump claimed the agreement was "unfair" and against American interests, what he doesn't realise is that climate policy is good business.

Modi said he was asked a similar question in Germany earlier this week, before the USA decision was made public, and had replied, "Paris or no Paris, it is our conviction to protect the environment".

Mr Peduto responded by saying: 'Pittsburgh stands with the world and will follow Paris agreement'. "There is no backsliding on the Paris agreement", Juncker said. To be sure, the USA quitting Paris does not mean the country returns to the coal-based economy of old. Facts, reality, brains can not defeat him.

But as a metaphor for his campaign approach to troubled areas of the country, the line reflected what worked well for Trump in 2016 and helped to secure his hold on his voters.

On the political front, Presidential challenger Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, who clinched the Paris deal and counts it as his legacy, wasted no time excoriating Trump. That means the U.S. can not officially begin the process of leaving the agreement until November 2019.

It hasn't been a major source of heat for people's homes for years, either, having been largely overtaken by gas. Let us not forget that it was President George W. Bush who walked away from the Kyoto Protocol. Even though the U.S. won't be officially out until 2020, we will begin acting as if we have left immediately by abandoning Obama's emission-reducing policies.

Pittsburgh's mayor issued an executive order Friday committing the city to the accord by continuing efforts to end the use of landfills, reduce energy consumption by half and develop a fossil fuel-free fleet of city vehicles.

Some fear a U.S. withdrawal may spur other recalcitrant carbon polluters to follow suit, or at least dampen enthusiasm for updating emissions-cutting pledges. From this point forward, there are now large uncertainties in global mitigation efforts over the coming years and the long-term evolution of the climate hinges on what other countries, and agents both within and outside of the USA do in response to the United States departure from the agreement.

Let's make no mistake though: the absence of U.S. leadership, policy clout and climate finance will be felt, and the United States leaving the Paris Agreement is bad news for the global climate regime.

Speaking at an economic forum in St Petersburg in Russia, Modi said India is committed to the Paris accord irrespective of the course chosen by other countries. That drastic move would have been an even more dramatic rebuke to the rest of the world.

"Americans will honour and fulfil the Paris Agreement by leading from the bottom up -- and there isn't anything Washington can do to stop us". Big companies have called for the United States to remain in the agreement because of that. Climate change is real.

Emmanuel Macron called on signatory countries "to stay within the framework of the Paris agreement and cede nothing".