On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement.

During his announcement, Trump did not rule out the possibility of re-entering the Paris accord. "You speak for the president, you're the EPA administrator". We don't lose a seat at the table. We have made tremendous progress. "We will reach out and reciprocate with nations that seek to achieve that".

The 1997 legally binding climate treaty that made it mandatory for industrialised countries to reduce their carbon emissions by specified amounts while developing countries had no obligations instead addressing developmental needs was their "overwhelming priority".

The UN Environment Chief Erik Solheim joined other experts and analysts in saying that the United States withdrawal will put India and China in leadership positions in the global fight to combat climate change. "Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world". We're actually making tremendous advances.

According to a draft, they will express their determination "to forge ahead with further policies and measures for effective implementation of their respective nationally determined contributions".

He echoed Trump's attack on members of the agreement as having economic rather than environmental motives.

It would also help fulfil the Paris agreement reporting requirements so the world could track the US's progress. "It's something I think we can be proud of and that was done in the absence of the Paris agreement", said Tillerson, the former chief executive of energy company ExxonMobil.

Fortune asked the White House whether the president believes global warming is a hoax and will update this post if we receive a response.

By making a decision that opinion polls find is deeply unpopular, and likely undercuts the United States as a leader of the modern world order, Trump has brought upon himself an worldwide backlash. "That's what our focus has been over the last several weeks", Pruitt replied. He questioned whether global warming is an "existential threat", but did say that "global warming is occurring, that human activity contributes to it, in some manner".

More important, Bell said, the city will continue to support the Durham City-County Sustainability Office and its work to protect and improve the local environment by providing guidance and resources to city and county employees, businesses and residents.

Trump on Friday acknowledged his decision was "controversial", but maintained it was "a big service to the American people".

"Couldn't of put it better.bravo.I'm exhausted of footing the bill for the world", another said.

"New York State is committed to meeting the standards set forth in the Paris Accord regardless of Washington's irresponsible actions", Cuomo said in a statement.