In 2015, nations came together to make a concrete plan on how to counter climate change.

Trump announced Thursday the United States would withdraw from the agreement, calling it "draconian".

The now one of only three nations to reject the agreement.

"Please allow us, the United States of America, to serve in modelling the change necessary to protect humanity and our planet".

By withdrawing from the agreement, Trump is making good on a promise he made on the campaign trail.

Trump's decision to pull the USA out of the deal that aims to lower global green house gas emissions has been met with strong criticism from various quarters across the world.

Pruitt denied that America has abandoned the victims of climate change around the world, arguing that it has done "a tremendous amount" to reduce carbon output to 1990s levels and will stay engaged and continue to export relevant technology. Renewable energy jobs have nearly doubled over the last 5 years.

Supporters of the decision in US believe pulling out of the pact will save jobs, unburden industries, and save money.

"The global economy is moving ever more towards a renewable energy future, and the massive economic opportunities this presents", he said. That study was based on a scenario in which the United States would cut 26 percent to 28 percent of emissions by 2025, and did not factor in the possible benefits of battling climate change.

These efforts are all important.

Almost 200 countries have ratified the Paris agreement.

They are hoping more governors will join them.

Rich countries vowed to give $100 billion a year to poor ones to foster sustainable development.

"What does the president actually believe on climate change: Does he still believe it's a hoax?"

The money, offered by Bloomberg's philanthropic foundation, would ensure there was no disruption to the UN's work on climate change in the wake of Trump's decision, he said. And we will keep challenging ourselves to do even more.

"Hundreds of millions of people would be denied their rights to life, to health, food, water and housing".

Bloomberg also wrote, "The bulk of the decisions which drive USA climate action in the aggregate are made by cities, states, businesses, and civil society". ". People have called me a climate skeptic or a climate denier. When a country signs an global agreement, it has to fulfill its commitments", Canete added.

What can we do now that Trump plans to withdraw? The accords are not created to include "non-state actors" like local governments and companies. The governors of New York, California and Washington State have announced creation of a "climate alliance" committed to the Paris goals. The nationalist tabloid Global Times asserted in an editorial that Beijing's "attitude toward the Paris deal is not related to geopolitics".