"We have a lot of momentum in the U.S.to continue the fight at the state and city level", said Heurtel.

"Mayors, governors, and business leaders from both political parties are signing [on to] a statement of support that we will submit to the U.N.", Bloomberg said, "and together, we will reach the emission reduction goals the USA made in Paris in 2015". It will also help fulfil the Paris agreement reporting requirements so that the world can track the United States' progress. It also could have come out of any one of Trump's stump speeches on the 2016 campaign trail - although likely not in the context of climate change.

Smith said Microsoft officials had met in recent months with State Department and White House officials to make the business case for remaining in the global climate agreement.

'If we don't do anything, we might shoot over 5 degrees or more and that would be catastrophic, ' said John Reilly, the co-director of the program, adding that MIT's scientists had had no contact with the White House and were not offered a chance to explain their work. "That's the opposite of leadership".

But not all cities want to withdraw from the accord.

And whenever NY was hit with a cold spell or snowstorm, Trump would often tweet a joke about global warming.

But the Paris agreement is not as polarising as other climate change issues, and a recent poll by Yale University found that nearly half of Mr Trump's supporters think the USA should take part in the agreement.

The state joins Washington and NY in the formation of the U.S. Climate Alliance, aimed at upholding the Paris Climate Accord despite President Trump's announcement of the United States' withdrawal from the pact, according to the N.Y.

"They may feel good about the statements they're making, but it has little to no impact on the worldwide stage", Pyle said in a phone interview Wednesday.

French President Emmanuel Macron issued his own response to Trump's decision Thursday. Some of the mayors and leaders in those states have spoken out against the decision.

David Taylor, president of the Pennsylvania Manufacturer's Association, said the US was suffering under the Paris Climate Accord because of the regulations it imposed.

"Our position on climate change has not changed. we publicly advocate for climate action", said General Motors. "I can get back to you".

Many other mayors and local political leaders have joined him in verbalizing their continued commitment to the Paris agreement, making it clear that they do not agree with the president.

McNally said he is skeptical about the president's promises to revive manufacturing and coal mining jobs nearby in southeast Ohio. "I would say that there are climate exaggerators", he said.

That heavy smog affects major Chinese cities is well known, but in the winter of 2013, just as Xi was coming to power, north-eastern China saw a particularly thick blanket of smog, parts of which travelled all the way to California.