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Man of Steel, Suicide Squad and Batman Vs Superman have all been scrutinized relentlessly by the movie rating website.

Based on the best-selling series of books, Kirk Cameron's Left Behind series had been touted as a movie that was the equal of anything that secular Hollywood was churning out at the time, but when audiences finally got a look at the movie, it was a cinematic and financial flop.

Since then, we've gotten several versions of the costume, including full-on 1960s mod pantsuits, flight jackets. and the infamous trousers and corset getup from the failed 2010 Wonder Woman pilot. The gorgeous scenery of the peaceful haven of Themiscyra to start the movie was also a stark juxtaposition to the war-torn world of man, where Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) was able to wield her sword and her mighty powers to help aid those who can not protect themselves. We also meet her people, the Amazons, and as the plot unfolds get to see how she became who she is today. That training is needed when Steve Trevor crash lands on Themiscyra with the German army following behind him during World War I. She was the form our earliest escape fantasies took, with her invisible jet and a magic lasso that drew the truth out of anyone it was tied around.

The Telegraph recently interviewed costume designer Lindy Hemming about how she came up with Diana Prince's updated look. I'm sure we wouldn't have made the same choice'. That's what happens here.

Gunzelman pointed out that Wonder Woman confirmed an anti-American sentiment that he felt is prevalent today. However, this character building really pays off. "It remains to be seen whether 'Wonder Woman" can also smash 'Fifty Shades of Grey's worldwide opening weekend haul of $157 million. Gal Gadot delivers a marvelous performance in the lead.

Director Patty Jenkins (Monster) had a hard task, and whether she succeeds really depends on your measure. She's thrown right into a massively sexist environment, but she's unaware of this - and her earnest idealism is a delight - finding the notion of a gender divide utterly absurd. There were moments when everyone in the audience was laughing and a few victorious moments that the audience was cheering and clapping.

"Wonder Woman's always been a part of my world". It's not that all. She is vulnerable despite being a powerful goddess. Her successes are not exclusionary to men. For someone who is consistently criticized as someone who prefers style over substance and can't "piece together a coherent story" - Wonder Woman seems to be doing pretty well. It has some minor flaws but to discuss them here would be to nitpick.

The cup is available for $6 and comes with one free refill. But Hollywood is nowhere near as forgiving when it comes to women's stories; they get torn to shreds far faster with nearly no scope for sequels. Have you seen Wonder Woman? It's a victory for everyone. Its more than that.