Scott said Friday that Vermont also is joining the U.S. Climate Alliance to uphold the Paris climate agreement, which was started by the Democratic governors of California, New York and Washington.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Both leaders said they wouldn't renegotiate the deal, as President Trump said he was prepared to do. Jerry Brown, a founding member of the Alliance.

In Syria, a drought about a decade ago was one link in a long chain of events that helped result in the civil war there, said David Titley, a retired U.S. Navy rear admiral who started the Navy's Task Force on Climate Change in 2009.

"Americans will honor and fulfill the Paris Agreement by leading from the bottom up - and there isn't anything Washington can do to stop us", said Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who now serves as the U.N.'s special envoy on cities and climate change.

"We'll obviously want to canvass trading relations, we'll reaffirm the various commitments that we have internationally toward the defeat of terrorism, and I would also expect given the most recent decision from the United States there will be some discussion about relative positions on climate change", Mr Brownlee told The Nation on Saturday. He said he would start a process that could last four years to withdraw from the deal, which has been signed by nearly every other nation on Earth. After meeting in Paris Friday with French President Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Bloomberg announced his foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, will help coordinate a USA effort called "America's Pledge" and will submit a societal NDC - nationally determined contribution - in lieu of a government one.

Trump also cited the possibility of an elimination of manufacturing jobs and economic production in industries like natural gas, paper, iron and steel along the way to reaching to the commitment from the USA - which was to cut its emissions by at least 26 percent by 2025.

"This decision won't bring back coal jobs in the United States".

Spicer gave short shrift to suggestions that Trump's decision will lift China as a global leader.

Perry assured that his trip to Asia is a sign of his commitment to clean energy.

PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN, Russia (through interpreter): Rather than make noise over it, we need to create conditions for mutual work, because if countries that are big emitters, like the United States, will not take part at all, it will be impossible to negotiate and sign any kind of agreement.

"To everyone for whom the future of our planet is important, I say let's continue going down this path so we're successful for our Mother Earth", she said to applause from lawmakers.

Smaller states also aim to lead by example.

Earlier, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: "There is no reverse gear to energy transition".

"What we believe we can do in CT is show the policies that can work", he said. But significant new policies at the federal and state level are necessary to meet the USA commitment under the Paris Agreement to lower its emissions to 26 percent to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. "The United States has a seat at the table".

West Virginia Coal Association Senior Vice President Chris Hamilton said US withdrawal from the Paris accord would build confidence in USA mining and industry even if it wouldn't make major changes on the ground. On Thursday, almost 90 mayors said they would uphold its goals. Investments in renewable energy in Europe, though, have dropped by half in the past six years.

I believe all of us have a responsibility to stand up for concerted global action to combat and adapt to climate change. The accord states that they shouldn't be, given their "different national circumstances".