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Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leading the effort to bring together companies, universities and local and state government to submit a plan to the United Nations pledging to meet the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets outlined in the Paris agreement.

"The Paris Climate Accord is simply the latest example Of Washington entering into an agreement which disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit of other countries", Trump said on Thursday.

Trump's decision to withdraw from the accord further dismantles Obama's legacy, as it was considered one of his signature achievements regarding climate change.

He added that climate action should be seen as opportunity to change things rather than a burden.

Kerry said the president lied to the American people and put America "last", not first, and made the country an "environmental pariah" to the world.

In the statement, Plank said it is "our collective responsibility" to protect the earth.

France's newly elected President Emmanuel Macron has told President Trump on phone "nothing could be renegotiated" regarding Paris climate accord, Reuters news agency reported.

He hit back on Twitter when the White House tweeted Trump's Pittsburgh quote, saying that "it's now up to cities to lead" and follow the guidelines laid out in the Paris Agreement.

If Trump follows through on his promise, experts agree that greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures will increase more precipitously than they would have if the USA remained party to the accord. It is negotiating with the UN to form its own National Determined Contribution - a set of emissions standards for each participating nation under the Paris Agreement - that is accepted alongside the other countries in the accord.

In December 2015-one year before speaking to Trump about climate change-DiCaprio spoke at the global climate-change summit in Paris.

"To everyone for whom the future of our planet is important, I say let's continue down this path so we're successful for our Mother Earth", she said.

Musk also pointed out that "Under (the) Paris deal, China committed to produce as much clean electricity by 2030 as the USA does from all sources today".