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Fox News says its former CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes died at age 77.

"Roger Ailes founded one of the most important and successful media outlets in American history", said conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. During a career that stretched over more than five decades, his work in entertainment, in politics, and in news affected the lives of many millions.

"He saw something in me and many others he hired that we never saw in ourselves, and forever changed the trajectory of thousands of people's lives". No cause of death was given. O'Reilly was sacked his top-rated show at Fox in April after reports surfaced that the network had settled lawsuits with five women who alleged he sexually harassed them. - Lisa Bloom, attorney for Wendy Walsh, who made sexual harassment allegations against Ailes.

"If we look conservative, it's because the other guys are so far to the left", Ailes told The New York Times. In an excerpt from the 2013 biography "Roger Ailes Off Camera", Ailes said he knew his days were numbered.

But few poured their heart out quite like Fox News stalwart Sean Hannity, whose remembrances of his former boss spanned more than 16 tweets and have been transcribed here for clarity.

The architect of Fox News was also close to President Trump, to whom he gave a weekly slot on Fox & Friends - a show that the president has regularly touted in his tweets from the White House.

"The sudden passing of Roger Ailes will make it hard for Fox News to refute the allegations against him as his testimony was not secured by sworn testimony to date", attorney Douglas H. Wigodr told Radar.

Consider that one descriptor of Ailes pops up again and again: loyal.

Mr Ailes served as a consultant to presidents from Mr Richard Nixon to Mr Ronald Reagan to Mr George H.W. Bush.

His wife, Elizabeth, an NBC News veteran with a B.S.in Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University, announced her husband's passing in a statement to Drudge Report early on May 18, 2017.

Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.

Ailes' widow, Elizabeth Ailes, confirmed his death in a statement on the Fox News website.

But he will also be remembered for the sexual-harassment scandal that brought his fabled career at the network to an abrupt end last summer and threw Fox News into a period of turmoil. Ailes received $40.0 million in his exit package and Carlson received $20.0 million from her lawsuit.