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He was essentially used as enhancement talent, wrestlers whose job it is to lose to the more popular stars, in order to make them look good.

To the shock of many, Sami Zayn was able to pull-off the upset victory and defeat Baron Corbin.

A new No.1 contender for the Women's Championship will be in place by this time next week. The only issue with their rivalry is Nakamura would need to win the United States Title from Owens. Both men seem to be in a start-and-stop situation where they win matches they seemingly should lose and lose matches they seemingly should win.

For weeks, Mahal has been vocal about the people's disdain for the way he looks, the way he talks and his ethnicity which is why nobody really took him seriously up until recent. "There is no food in the world that gives you a better feeling of walking around with veins bulging out, six-pack abs". It's a statement that would have sounded ridiculous even one month back when Mahal debuted on SmackDown Live. He wasn't repackaged so much as he was heightened.

Mahal became WWE's 50th champion as he brought Orton to the floor, sending Indian commentators ballistic while shouting "India number one" from the commentary booths.

Mahal advised the youth of Punjab to leave drugs and respect their body.

How long will Mahal's title reign last? Every website that tangentially covers wrestling, and even some that don't, wrote something about Mahal's rise to power and "what it all means". Furthermore, most articles either saw the logic behind the move or outright praised it. And that, right there, is the entire reason he's the champion right now.

WWE indeed got some headlines after Mahal's victory. The guy has nuclear heat with some fans at the moment, and the company could be smart to play up to it. But I learned my lesson and said to myself that if I get another chance with WWE I won't have any regrets and I will give my 110 per cent.

This increase in viewership could indicate that fans were more interested in Mahal as champion than they claimed to be on social media.

Congratulations Jinder Mahal on the fantastic win! It's ideal. Especially when you compare that to the guy he beat for the title. I could nearly teach him something just once and he'd catch on.

Despite this feat, Orton proved no match for Jinder Mahal. Call out how little else he's accomplished. You're talking nuclear heat.

After two years on the independent circuit, Mahal returned to the WWE in 2016, appearing largely on the WWE's lesser shows Main Event and Superstars.

In case you didn't know.

. "I'm going to keep working hard, and hopefully this is just the beginning". The second time around is much different.

And still The Face of America...

AJ Styles, pictured at the Dove Awards Press Conference at Georgian Terrace Hotel on February 22, 2012 in Atlanta, could be the victor of the 2017 Money in the Bank Ladder Match. And Shinsuke Nakamura will hold the WWE Title sooner than later.

The Usos retaining the belts was a smart decision by WWE considering the New Day's impending arrival on the blue brand, but this showing by Breezango and the way that the crowd reacted to them is surely going to see them gain more television time, which is a good thing for all concerned.