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In its third frame this weekend, though, it was expected to be a close race between Guardians 2 and 20th Century Fox's Alien: Covenant, and this weekend's box office race most certainly delivered. There are no reviews out yet for the film and it should make under $10 million this weekend. Yes, it can be confusing. It was cool! Did you know that in the early press for Prometheus, Ridley Scott alluded to their maybe being two androids on the ship? Sure, at the end of the day, Hollywood studios want to make money, and this movie surely will. Scott, though, seems to be more personally invested in the "Alien" franchise than ever, making noises about creating a handful of films that would continue the story.

Alien: Covenant is now playing in theaters nationwide.

It does seem just too, too similar that her character of Daniels uses heavy equipment to take on the alpha alien in a climactic scene, just as Weaver's Ripley did in her first few outings. Alien: Covenant is standing at a 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, just ahead of Prometheus' 72% rating.

Covenant's Thursday numbers put it ahead of its predecessor, Prometheus, as well, with that film earning $3.6 million on Thursday on the way to a $51 million opening weekend. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

The success of these prequels depends in how invested you might be in the Alien mythology. The connections between this and Alien are there, but they're more incidental than anything else.

The real stars, of course, are the aliens. This was never meant to be an action franchise, though, and there are some truly grotesque bits of horror at play, moments that rival the scares of the original trilogy - at least, until everything gets a bit too computer generated.

At the film's climax, the androids David (from Prometheus) and Walter (both played by Michael Fassbender) battle, while the remaining crew of the Covenant try to escape off of the deadly planet that has laid waste to the ship's crew. Things don't go well on the new planet, because (spoiler alert!) there are some pretty scary aliens hanging out there. Although it is expected for anybody to be scared in an unfamiliar situation, the crew gave the impression that they were scared because they did not know how to do things and were even more scared when they were faced with difficulties. The guide includes an in-depth look at Fassbender's new and old role, as well as Waterston's, Bichir's, and Crudup's, among others. Focus is placed on select other characters as well, particularly the women, but their presence or backstory is only important as it relates to the film's desire to trace the aliens' origins. How long is Alien: Covenant? Is Alien: Covenant the final installment in the Alien prequels? No.

"Prometheus", from "Alien" creator Ridley Scott, was moodier with high-minded themes like the origins of life and man's place in the universe with only flashes of the white-knuckle thrill rides that made up the rest of the franchise.