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No one likes to start a download and then need to transfer to an area where there's spotty internet, or be on the go an unable to charge the battery when it's needed. However, it will help Google turn the page into a new chapter, starting with Android O. With Android, many legacy apps make all kinds of assumptions-that they will always be displayed full screen, for example, or in portrait mode-and their creators never imagined that they would run on Chromebooks with hardware keyboards, big landscape displays, and pens. Nevertheless, Google would like to encourage developers to optimize the applications for a the better experience. Android O facilitates you to fill the gaps and makes this form filling thing easier for you. There were a lot of speculations specially that Google would announce the name of O flavour. It means that you can now test Android O features, but you need to have Nexus or Pixel smartphone to take advantage of this early bird access. The blobs, as they came to be called, are seen on all Google platforms, including Gmail, Google+ and during Google Hangouts. It shows the necessary stats-per-app but there's nothing you can do about it.

Embedded Android for Automotive will take this integration a step further, by providing the same level of functionality without requiring the presence of an Android handset or other device to act as the control hub.

Unlike Volvo, though, Audi doesn't have a timeline for introducing Android infotainment systems.

The PIP videos can be easily dismissed like YouTube video, with a single swipe the video will be dismissed from the screen. The Smart Text Selection is also pretty cool as it enhances the copy/paste function by recognizing what the selection is. It displays the Gmail option; we can select the Gmail address.

Google, the ultimate search engine has baffled its audiences once more in Google I/O annual event lately.

As of late 2016, 95 percent of the world's 7 billion-plus population now has access to cellular coverage and "there are nearly as many mobile-cellular subscriptions as people on earth", according to the International Telecommunication Union's "Measuring the Information Society" report.

That's just a few of the new ways Google is reclaiming Android. Yes, in certain countries, customized versions of Android are preferred to what we know as vanilla Android. But one feature of Android Go gives us a clue to its real target audience - that of lingual flexibility. These phones do not get as frequent security and feature updates, a persistent problem for the company.

The color palettes and the edges of icon can be adjusted and when the user will interact with the icons they will scrawl and move by just tapping. Though still in its beta phase, the device already looks to have a faster bootup time, with other aspects already running smoothly. Android Go is for lower end smartphones. Fuchsia developer, Travis Geiselbrecht commented on the OS recently and said it, "isn't a toy thing, it's not a 20% project, it's not a dumping ground of a dead thing that we don't care about anymore".

Some people also thought that the Android version of Go Devices will be different. As it works to prepare its next mobile OS update, Google will also keep a focus on its new Android Go initiative, Burke said. The service today hosts more than 500 million monthly users.