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Much like its console counterpart, the "Injustice 2" mobile game will come with its own gear system. NetherRealm's latest fighter ups the ante from its previous release with the addition of their new gear system. Multiverse mode is fighting games' answer to Destiny, giving you the opportunity to level up your fighters, earn and equip gear for them, and use those power gains to take on increasing challenges that change every day. Injustice 2 does make this super simple though, as all you have to do is highlight over the silhouette on the character selection screen and it gives you an option to go straight to the respective store and purchase it. To be fair, most players will easily clear story mode without really needing either of these tools but they are vital parts of online play where the trick is to outsmart an opponent rather than simply get the leg up on AI.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 in the US, May 19 in the United Kingdom on PS4, and Xbox One. That will go, as it often does, to the players with the most free time.

Like its cast of heroes, Injustice 2 is exceptional.

Not everything is flawless from a technical perspective, as on the PS4 version I experienced several frame-rate drops during cutscenes that made it hard to pay attention to what characters were saying and served an injustice (sorry) to how hard the animators worked on those faces. If you find a look you like, you can spend in-game cash (sadly also available through microtransactions) to level up the gear or make it look like another piece of gear.

Injustice 2 has a very cinematic, very detailed single player story that could be cut up into a limited run DC TV series on Netflix. Join the Injustice 2 conversation on Facebook, Twitter and the official forums.

Esports Pro: How do you balance that accessibility for new players with the depth that fighting game tournament players expect?

NetherRealm Studios is not stopping just here. It is a robust DC universe mashup narrative spanning all reaches of that universe and the introduction of the limitless Multiverse make this one of the beefiest fighting games on the market. This time around, quicktime events have been dropped in favour of incredibly detailed cutscenes with incredible facial animations - some of the best I've ever seen in a video game. It doesn't help that they're acquired through the now-popular Loot Box mechanic, the video game equivalent of LottoMax, which you can conveniently buy with real money. Each character seems to have a clear position in the field of characters: Scarecrow is a teleporting, scythe-wielding terror; Supergirl blasts you with laser vision; and Green Arrow does all kinds of tricks with arrows that enemies might not see coming. I know other games in NetherRealm's recent library were like this as well, but Injustice 2 feels especially contrived.

Players can duke it out against one another in a huge variety of modes, including one-on-one ranked and unranked online battles, King of the Hill sessions and local versus multiplayer.

Some people though? They care more about the spandex-clad heroes and villains - and just want to know what happens in Injustice 2- without all that pesky playing nonsense. And in order to get on with that, you had to be damn good at the game. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have released the Injustice 2 launch trailer!

I wasn't a fan of the dark take on DC's heroes in Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is a "what if" story about Superman going off the deep end after a tragic loss. Compounding on this, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about Injustice 2's gameplay.