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And contrary to the apparent expectations of the White House, the president's critics went directly to the Russian Federation matter. And it's not an easy place to be no matter who you are.

This time, the journey saw McCarthy, as Spicer traveling to NY to confront President Trump after the White House press corps suggested she was being lied to.

However, another White House official disputed the notion that Spicer had been sidelined, and sources close to the press secretary stressed the importance of his Reserve duties.

But political reporters have no problem going after her no matter how nice and firm she is.

Carlson didn't challenge her, but the same general line didn't work so well on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Wednesday.

"Sean, kiss me", says Baldwin's Trump. He's told by the control room it didn't matter what Trump said - because his supporters would back him, no matter what. It would be the mistake not only because Spicer was there from the beginning, but also because a tough front of the White House would be removed at the criticism of the liberal Trump's critics. "She does a great job", the official said. Huckabee Sanders is pointing to information she received after Comey was sacked, not before.

The New York Times reported Friday, citing unnamed senior aides, that Trump is considering a "broad shake-up" of his staff. "You said you talked to countless Federal Bureau of Investigation agents... really?"

"Wait, did I get him?" "She remained calm. She has a steadiness that Spicer evidently lacks".

The president said the change, if implemented, could happen "over the next couple of weeks".

Though, chances are, SNL was going to center on the the fan-favorite character whether or not the real Spicer returned to the podium this week.

She found a headshot of Spicer that she liked, had it blown up and printed off, placed it strategically in some lush shrubbery at a local bank, photographed the comically surreal scene, and then shared the picture with her approximately 200 Facebook friends. "Now accusing press of being 'obsessed'". Trump presents his finding as some sort of natural gap between the truth and what is said on his behalf, as though his spokespeople are just poor connectors in a game of telephone.

Regarding potential shakeups of his staff, one source told Axios, "the advice he's getting is to go big - that he has nothing to lose".

"That's right. Spicey's back".

The job of White House press secretary is far more than just the daily press briefing.

Oliver Willis, senior writer for the liberal ShareBlue, is also not a fan.

Sanders charged through her answers, along the way repeating numerous questionable mantras the administration has used throughout its first four months in office and since Comey's firing. Had Trump been feeding him lies?