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Hug your mother like it might be the last time, and say those things you always mean to say but sometimes forget about or feel too embarrassed to say.

Mother's Day is not a joyful celebration for everyone.

There is nothing wrong with your mom's cooking, as you have survived this long already. All around the world, it will be a treat from sons & daughters to their mothers. Thank you, Greeks and Romans, Ann and Anna Jarvis, the Wanamakers and Woodrow Wilson for recognizing the sacrifices mothers make for their children.

If you can not be with your children on Mother's Day, focus on happy memories - look at their pictures or videos of when they were little, take out the gifts or cards they made for you or wear the scarf or jewellery they gave you.

One of them always asked me to plant the garden with her in May. We are all familiar with the saying, "The mother is the light of the home".

Carlene Braun brought out the competitive side when we caught up with her on the sidelines. Among all such relations, the connection we share with our mothers is still really priceless as it is constantly being nurtured with love and kindness. Knowing her, I might have been right and it not being a big deal for us her kids probably wasn't a big deal for her, but now that she's not around, it has made me come to think of it.

The family of a teen in Gaffney is asking for your help to find missing 16-year-old Anna Rose Blanton. Trust me, they haven't forgotten that their children died, that their mothers are buried.

The true value of a mother is found in the children they rear, not in a spotless house or a good meal, though those are nice to have and teach valuable skills and self-respect to children. I could nearly always find my mom by the aviary (large indoor area) watching birds.

They took me shopping for gifts for my dad and other people.

Honour yourself! Realise that you are an unbelievable gift to your children and compliment yourself on having come this far.

The teachers knew about my two moms and let me make two cards instead of one every year. We are not promised another minute, so make the most of every one you have. They are lucky enough to meet their mothers on a daily or frequent basis. And candy! You take a box to Mother - and then eat most of it yourself.

In the most hard relationships, honor her for giving you life.