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From what I've seen, (the fidget spinner) is becoming so ubiquitous that it's overtaking the classroom and becoming a huge distraction. Fancier ones can cost over $50.

The latest must-have toy sweeping playgrounds is now the fidget roller, which like the spinner, is said to help relieve stress and aid concentration in children. "Thus far, they have not been a distraction". Begleri beads are a form of worry beads, with them meant to distract the mind from troubling thoughts by way of letting the user flip it around their fingers like a pair of non-violent Nunchuks.

"I believe it was designed for autistic kids and it's to keep them busy so they're more focused". Some kids really are tactile learners and they need something to help ground them and bring their minds into attention. Schools around the USA and United Kingdom are posting warnings on social media and sending notes home to parents discouraging their use.

Catherine Hettinger, based in Florida, came up with the idea for these toys almost two decades ago - but to date, she hasn't made a penny off of them. Rasmussen's background as an occupational therapist has shown her that fidgets can help people calm down, de-stress and channel their energy in a productive way. If you have kids, you've likely purchased one or found them littered throughout your house.

"When used appropriately and according to that need, fidgets can be useful and practical tools for select students", Brennan Principal Frederick Souza said in an email.

A year seven pupil sent an anonymous letter to headteacher Chris Hildrew, arguing fidget spinners "are a disruption to me and other people in my class" and students are "queuing up" to use them. In slow-motion, she captured her 12-year-old spinning the gadget using only his pointer finger before he threw it up in the air.

Other schools, including Wrotham Road in Gravesend and Discovery School in Tonbridge, had chose to let them into the lessons. Cabbage Patch Kids (25 - equivalent to about 60 today) hit it big in 1983 when frustrated, holiday present-buying adults competed for the limited supply of dolls in stores.

Sicard said parents at his school were understanding.

They come in different designs, Batman shaped, glow in the dark and are selling for anywhere between $10 to $100 dollars. And Fidget Spinners are just a toy.

The fidget spinner was invented in the 1990s but it was only towards the end of 2016 that its popularity increased and people began uploading videos of them performing tricks with the gadgets. Over the course of a few months in 1958, an estimated 25 million were sold - enough so that every child in America between the ages of five and 11 could have owned one. Her work revealed that students with ADHD performed better on a computerized attention test the more intensely they fidgeted.