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Reporter: "I'm pretty sure I can see him hiding in those bushes". It would be the mistake not only because Spicer was there from the beginning, but also because a tough front of the White House would be removed at the criticism of the liberal Trump's critics.

But when a couple of journalists asked if the "articulate and charming" Sanders (Aidy Bryant) could take over press briefings on a permanent basis, that was too much for the pugnacious press secretary.

The skit features Spicer using several props, including Russian nesting dolls, to explain the firing of former FBI Director James Comey to reporters.

With Melissa McCarthy's return to host Saturday Night Live, fans of her instantly legendary Sean Spicer impression eagerly awaited another portrayal.

Melissa then found Trump (aka Alec Baldwin) at his golf course in New Jersey, where the two ended up kissing!

Not to hyperbolize but this might have been the most important SNL sketch of Sean Spicer's career, what with a rumor circulating that President Trump is considering replacing him with a Fox News personality.

McCarthy, as Spicer, proceeds to take control of the briefing, announcing "Spicey's back!" Like Baldwin, McCarthy has effectively turned into an honorary cast member, thanks to her Spicer. McCarthy as Spicer asks him, "Have you ever told me to say things that aren't true?"

"They're saying you're going to fire me for Sarah", McCarthy said.

Holt, in a rare portrayal by Weekend Update co-host Michael Che, gleaned a bombshell confession from Trump that James Comey was canned because of his investigation into the President's alleged ties to Russian Federation.

Next week is the show's season finale, with Baldwin already locked down to play Trump. McCarthy asks Baldwin, who is playing the president in the sketch.

The journalists continue to ask why, in their view, he continues to humiliate himself every day defending the president and suggest the president might be lying to him. Yikes. When he gets to a matryoshka doll with Vladimir Putin on it, McCarthy's Spicer tries to hide it. When Trump responded "because of Russia", Holt spoke into his earpiece "Did I get it?"

Overall, I would trade all the jokes that Trump and his team have supplied to comedians for a different presidential administration.

On Saturday's "SNL" we saw how comedy can humanize our view of a person, as McCarthy turned Spicer into a sympathetic character.

"And in all fairness to Sean [Spicer], and in all fairness to Sarah Huckabee [Sanders], and in all fairness to anybody that stood up there, they don't know me", continued Trump.