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My Mom doesn't read Blackhawk Up but Happy Mother's Day Mom! Mother's Day is celebrated from the Greek and Romans time. We will all be better off. Most days I feel that I'm old enough to make good decisions so thanks for giving me the pros and cons of every decision I make.

In most Arab countries, the celebrations of Mother's Day are carried out on March 21, which is the Spring equinox.

Ps Sindi Mashele with some of her church members. If you're far away, you can surprise her with item at your trusted online stores, special delivery for your mother. A person whose mother is alive wears a colored carnation, while one whose mother is no more, wears a white carnation.

When it comes to dad, we don't spend quite as much, an average of $136 on Father's Day.

And there was always my guardian angel down the block if I ever needed anything: family friend Shirley.

And so mothers learn to be better humans through the experience of motherhood.

-I'm not sure but Grandma says that Mommy didn't have her thinking hat on. In an online survey, 96 per cent mothers admitted they have had intuitions that turned out to be right about their children's welfare.

A mother's unconditional love can't be replaced. So don't get upset that you and the Ground Hog only get one day.

The word mom backwards is still mom and upside down it is wow. The imprinting runs deep in all of us by teachers who influenced us at different times and for different reasons. And Mom don't grieve because secretaries and pickles receive one full week of national acclaim while you, like the Ground Hog, only get one day.

Pay attention. You'll thank us when you have children of your own. Mothers never get fed up with us when we mess up.

Mother's Day 2014 is celebrated around the world on the second Sunday of May and this year it falls on 14 May. In return, I loved them very much and always loved it when Mother's Day came around.

It turns out she did want a gift, and on a special day she chose to use the spirit of the day to bravely ask me if she didn't have to come to my comedy festival show that year!

Just as this day is hers - and hers alone.

Carnations became the flower of Mother's Day because it was Ann Reeves Jarvis' favorite flower.

Mothers are known for nurturing their own children as well as other children, regardless of age or address.

Then, this is the place for you. Think about a fond memory of the two of you, and tell her about it.

"It is so sweet", she said over the phone Friday. And her mother said, "You what?!" Growing up, I hated doing chores. Both interpretations hold true to this day.

Happy Mother's Day! You're the most special woman in my heart now and forever.