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"We need to transform the Democratic Party", he told the crowd, slipping into same, familiar lines from the campaign.

Other rallies will be held in Arizona, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska and Utah. While Sanders talked about systemic injustice, Perez fixated on Trump. Mr. Chairman, welcome back to the program.

Said Sanders: "If you're just standing back and moaning and groaning and making amusing jokes about Trump, that ain't good enough".

The hyperactive Perez was followed on stage by the smoother presence of Sanders, who delivered a hardcore socialist message to the largely millennial audience in a grandfatherly manner. "But I think you just can't exclude people who disagree with us on one issue". You know, January 20 was undeniably an important day. This fall, we'll see what that will be about.

"You saw an absolute collision between their alternative world of falsehoods and the reality on the ground", Perez said during an interview Tuesday afternoon.

SHAPIRO: Scott, you're in Texas, which doesn't seem like the most obvious place for Democrats to focus given the politics of the state.

The energy is palpable. The team-up came last month, but last week, when Democrats lost a closer-than-expected House race in Kansas, the reasons for doing it became clearer. It hasn't been yet. Mom-and-pop businesses need relief, and Democrats should be advocating for that. They don't have it now.

Portland, the bluest dot in a state that has trended Republican in recent years, is the launchpad for a weeklong Sanders/Perez campaign tour. But the biggest bump came when progressives began withdrawing support for Omaha, Nebraska mayoral candidate Heath Mello after discovering that, as a Nebraska state senator eight years ago, he supported legislation to require women to undergo an ultrasound before getting an abortion. And frankly, we didn't always do that, Steve.

And offered a solution, saying that it is the crowd's job to bring "millions of people into the political process".

The momentum is still here, and it's not going anywhere. And he's in our studios. "I think that sends a powerful message to every family in this country, that if your kids study hard and they do well, as Dana did, you are going to be able to make it into college".


Fading from scrutiny was the establishment that continued to dominate the Democratic Party's superstructure. Presumably, Democrats wearing said T-shirt in public don't give a you-know-what about the parents of enthusiastic small children who recently learned to read things like bad words on T-shirts out loud - but tomato, tomahto. Was that a mistake? But no matter: They're rolling, people. The problem is, he's now the de facto leader of a party that has embraced his socialism but written off the white working class, which it needs to win national elections. "We did robo-calls at their request".

"What's remarkable about that race is that is a beet-red district". In polls, Macron leads Le Pen by 25 to 30 points in a runoff; Melenchon leads by around 10 points. They won by single digits.

Democrats are hoping to fuel anti-Trump anger in Florida into success at the ballot box in 2018 when Nelson faces re-election. And we're making tremendous progress. He said that same thing about the Democrats during an interview that he and I did this afternoon. It's got to open its doors to working people and to young people, create a grassroots party. Will Democrats win in Georgia tomorrow?