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Facebook has announced the launch of Facebook Spaces, a new app for Oculus that lets you hang out with friends in a VR environment.

Facebook Spaces is available in beta for Oculus Rift, the company's VR headset. If you want to share a selfie to Facebook, you do the same thing, but this time select "Share" on your wrist. You will have the option of changing your eye color, hairstyle, facial features and many more until you get the look that fits your identity.

What is Facebook Spaces?

Spaces was also showcased past year at the Oculus Connect conference, where Mark Zuckerberg was seen in his Facebook avatar taking selfies and sharing photos. Once they answer the video call placed through Messenger, they will be led to a window to virtual world.

After choosing an avatar, users can hangout with their Facebook friends in the virtual world and show them their Facebook photos and videos including 360 degrees videos. Facebook Spaces is also integrated with Messenger video calls enabling users to showcase their VR experience to people who are not in VR.

Outlining Pokemon GO, Zuckerberg highlighted that users will get games and photo filters on their smartphone camera in order to help them share more or communicate better with more effects.

If you get exhausted of your friends, Facebook included the ability to mute them or wholesale remove them from your virtual space.

Franklin pointed out that people find the experience of VR to be very real.

At the F8 Developer Conference held in San Jose, Facebook unveiled one its most fascinating virtual reality experiments till date.

Of particular interest, $50 million of that sum has been set aside for mobile VR content, added Zuckerberg. Facebook Spaces wants you to feel completely comfortable and homely in the VR world as well. Whether you want to show off your latest 3D drawing masterpiece, play an unbelievable 360 video your friend would love, or just spend time chatting, it's one of the best ways to be in the moment together, from anywhere. Users can chat and gesture with their arms, draw pictures or watch a YouTube video.

Facebook Spaces beta is now available for Oculus Rift + Touch but Facebook has plans to expand to other virtual reality platforms in the future.

Oculus, once the household name in the VR space, was sold to Facebook for $2 billion a few years back, and today the social network finally revealed what everyone knew would happen sooner or later: a virtual reality Facebook app. They'll see your virtual avatar and the backdrop behind it.

Taken together, the new initiatives put more meat on the bones of Zuckerberg's vision of turning VR and AR into social experiences.

During OC3, Facebook wouldn't commit to a release date for its social platform on Oculus Rift. And since this is just the beta version which is already looking promising, we are eager to see what improvements and new features Facebook will bring in the future.