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The charity is also calling for the Government to investigate the causes of low pay amongst young women and to make it an obligation for businesses to close any gender pay gaps.

A Campus Corner business will participate in Equal Pay Day by offering female customers discounts.

Trump took to her Twitter on the holiday, which was launched by the National Committee on Pay Equity in 1996, to remind her 3.5 million followers that "women deserve equal pay for equal work". The answer is upsetting, yes, but also important to fully uncover in the journey to equality for all. Have you ever heard of this day? "For Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, that number is 60 cents".

Women in Alabama earn almost a quarter less than men per hour, according to an analysis by the National Partnership for Women & Families. In other words, it took 102 extra days for a woman's income to equal a man's 2015 income.

In Michigan a woman working full time will earn 74 cents for every dollar paid to a man. The number of working women living in poverty would be cut in half. This is unacceptable, and unequal pay for equal work is morally and mathematically wrong.

An analysis from NWLC pointed to significant ethnic disparities in the Garden State when comparing women's earnings to those of white men. At 87 cents for every white male dollar earned, Asian women in New Jersey fare the best. She said that the state can start by supporting programs that help women access higher education or higher paying jobs, and train them to negotiate their salaries. Louisiana ladies are paid just 68 cents on the dollar for what men are paid. It would take until today-April 4th-for a woman to earn as much money as a man did for doing the same work past year. To my male colleagues, I ask: in 2017, do you not believe in strong women?

What do you think of the #20percentcounts movement?