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According to some reports Samsung had hoped to deliver a fingerprint sensor baked into the screen, but it didn't work properly, causing the company to ditch that plan and offer a standard, physical sensor. As after all the speculations, Samsung has now confirmed the India launch for the lately announced Galaxy S8 and S8+ for the same date - April 19.

The S8 will have a 5.8 inch display with no physical phone button, rather an invisible home button, while the S8+ will have a 6.2 inch screen. 64% of Galaxy S6 owners said that their next phone will come from Samsung, while a whopping 76% of Galaxy S5 owners pledge to buy another Samsung model for their next phone. The much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the company's ultimate weapon of choice in its life and death struggle in the brutal mobile market.

The upcoming smartphone will be central to the company's recovery from the disaster it experienced a year ago with its Galaxy Note 7 phablet.

There's a lot riding on the Galaxy S8 for Samsung. This is a welcome change as it comes right after Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has been infamous for blowing up, as per Nashville Chatter.

It was reported earlier this week that T-Mobile might start shipping Galaxy S8 units ahead of schedule just like it did a year ago with the Galaxy S7.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 launched, the company is now reportedly working on an "Active" version of the new handset.

Another feature is that Active line will no longer be AT&T exclusive with the launch of Galaxy S8 Active phones in India on Wednesday. The device sports 8 megapixels front camera and 12 megapixels rear camera. The Galaxy S8 measures 148.9x68.1x8mm and weighs 155 grams. It will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor.

There are also those who say the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are to run on the Android Nougat OS, which already has a fully tested Google Assistant. Many batteries on smartphones do fail from time to time, though explosions are rare. Good job, Samsung! You can now rest easy knowing that Samsung's done everything in its power to make sure Galaxy S8's don't blow up like the Note 7.