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The two executive orders contain multiple provisions, including the creation of 15,000 new jobs.

King and Snohomish counties have ripped the Department of Homeland Security for naming them among jurisdictions nationwide that aren't cooperating with the Trump administration's escalating attempts to capture and deport people in the USA illegally.

The unprecedented report, the product of an executive order issued by President Trump in the first days of his presidency, is a document that aims to show the scope of what the president and his advisers describe as a threat that endangers Americans: undocumented immigrants charged with or convicted of crimes who then are released by local law enforcement agencies which don't cooperate with ICE agents.

"It lists jurisdictions as non-compliant that are now complying with federal law, the City of New Orleans among them", the group said in a statement.

ICE asks local jurisdictions around the country to detain illegal immigrants that are scheduled to leave police custody.

Fact-check: Chester County didn't have custody of any probation violators at the time of the detainer request matching ICE's description of the inmate, according to county spokeswoman Rebecca Brain. "We do not enforce immigration law, which is the role of the Federal Government". Boulder County Jail accounted for six of those detainers. "When we contacted ICE to do a follow-up, they were unable to provide us with the name of the person, and nothing matching that date and time was in our records".

In Travis County, Texas, 142 criminal illegal aliens were released despite ICE detainers being placed against all of them. Lehigh County settled with Galarza for $95,000.

This happened to Lehigh County, when it honored an ICE detainer in 2008.

"The county is considered an uncooperative jurisdiction because of the way our policy is written", Keller said.

"We can not be effective if any resident hesitates in an emergency situation because they are fearful of the results of the interaction with our police officers", said Bemis.

"This is deeply disturbing and highlights the urgent need for a statewide sanctuary city ban in Texas", Abbott said. Sally Hernandez, the county sheriff, enacted the change in January, after winning an election, in part, by promising reduced cooperation with federal immigration officials.

"Trump is trying to shame localities into using their resources to help ICE arrest and deport individuals", he said. "The individuals listed on the report were arrested in Williamson County and a detainer was placed on all four individuals".

First blush: ICE issued a detainer request for a Dominican man incarcerated on heroin trafficking charges in Philadelphia, which the city declined February 3. Nevada's Clark County, with 51 detainers, and Nassau County, N.Y., with 38 detainers, topped the list.

"Essentially, they're asking county sheriffs to violate the Constitution because they're not willing to come get a person unless it's Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. -5 p.m.", he said.

Franklin County has a good working relationship with ICE, Keller said.

Shank said she's reached out to ICE in hopes of clarifying the information provided in the first report. Local jurisdictions argue - citing the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution - that they can not hold a suspect after they are released from custody without a warrant. "Public safety is not being compromised".

The policy referred to by Judge Austin was a decision by Travis County to only cooperate with ICE detention requests, when they are paired with a warrant. ICE said their detainer was denied but Philadelphia officials said they had no record of a Jamaican national charged with any crime on or around April 2015.

"We will notify ICE when someone comes into the system".

In a past report acquired by the Texas Tribune and disseminated by the Center for Immigration Studies, Santa Clara County led the nation for detention requests denied for the period of January 1, 2014, through September 30, 2015.

Section I of the Enforcement and Removal Operations Weekly Declined Detainer Outcome Report details areas with the highest volume of detainers issued to non-cooperative jurisdictions.