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Near the end of The Walking Dead episode, Eugene had finally come to realize that he would be wise to conform to Negan's rules and he submitted by saying, "I am Negan". We may have already known about how this group operates, but there's now a clearer understanding of what it means to truly be on easy street. Maybe she'll eventually run into Daryl and join forces with them in helping to bring Negan down. "So honored to be a part of such a great movie this year at the #oscars #guts", he captioned. It's Negan they really want to kill. I definitely think that Dwight and Sherry's story isn't over. After being captured a few weeks back, Eugene is finding his sea legs in an ocean of grunge band dropouts. I don't even know if we're supposed to think Eugene's allegiance to Negan is honest, or if we're supposed to take him at face value!

Besides, could you actually blame Eugene if he did fall in with the Saviors for his own safety? And the petty ways in which he exploits his new privilege are a terrific insight into how easily the bullied become bullies. But Negan must have been a fan of "Sweeney Todd" before the zombie plague hit, as he suddenly grabs the doc and tosses him into the oven, letting him burn alive. If he were to cut that thing, much like Samson, he would lose his power. It's a nice bit of writing. The line between ruthlessness and obsequiousness is an inch thin and purely situational. Without Sherry, Dwight re-adopted the worst aspects of his Savior persona and assured Negan that he had no regrets about killing his wife (also not true). But despite all that bullshit, Eugene really is a pretty good guy to have on your side, for both his MacGyver-esque ability to improvise useful shit and one presumes his intimate knowledge of Rick's operation. There'd be something poetic in that. She even confesses her reasons for letting Daryl go.

Now as the showdown with Negan nears, she could be put in a more morally compromising position. Even when he cooks up a story that gets the community's doctor killed, he only does it to protect Sherry, whom he falsely claims was devoured by walkers right in front of his eyes.

This Eugene-centric episode follows his misadventures at the Sanctuary, the home of the nefarious Saviors.

Negan and Eugene Porter in Episode 11
Negan and Eugene Porter in Episode 11

Beer and Pretzels - On his search for Sherry, Dwight heads to their old house. As Dwight tells Negan he's not sorry to have lost Sherry, and the physician flambé burns, it seems Dwight wants to erase any memory of his ex and fully embrace the dirtbag he's become. The only thing going for Negan is that he has a new prisoner in Eugene, notes the Independent of UK. Together, they account for the entire emotional life cycle of a henchman.

Tell us what you think! After getting patched up, Dwight thanks him and leaves. Eugene quickly gave into his fear and switched alliances; when Negan tossed the doctor into a crematorium, any thought of defiance probably quickly vanished from Eugene's mind.

Depending on how TV-show Dwight sways, the character could be around for the long-term - or one of many casualties in the show's take of "All Out War". The fact that they're left alone together in that final scene, gazing out over a pitiful kingdom of chained-up zombies and human slaves, was ideal.